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innovative products from Life Force for agriculture and animal husbandry, poultry and fish

From Healthy Plants, Animals and Birds to Healthy People

Humic Welt has all the highest quality lawn and garden products you need at affordable and bulk prices. We’ve been proudly serving the Europe area since 2019, earning our reputation as a reliable supplier. When you need to choose the right supplier for your lawn and garden needs, you can count on Humic Welt.

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Humic Welt has all the products you need. We have everything you need to increase your crop and just organic products from Leonardite, all in one place. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed quality products, instructional tips and a guarantee covering all our products.

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Life Force products for plant & soil

Humic acids are a complex mixture of natural organic compounds with high molecular weight, which are formed during the decomposition of dead plants under the influence of microorganisms. They are soluble only in bases and insoluble in water and acids.
When plants are grown under the influence of mechanical tillage, water and wind erosion of the soil, the humus is mineralized - the content of organic matter in the soil is destroyed and reduced. Reducing the humus content of the soil inevitably leads to a reduction in its fertility and this leads to a reduction in crop yields.
Restoring soil fertility is an important part of successful organic farming. Experienced farmers use the method of soil regeneration with humic acids, made from natural Leonardite, as an effective way to restore soil fertility.

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Let your garden stand out with our quality fertilizers. Humic Welt is always fully stocked with a wide selection of products, so your lawn and garden will never be neglected.

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For feeding animals, birds, fish and aquaculture organisms

Life Force uses the science and power of nature to create science-based and cost-effective solutions for poultry, animals and fish, as well as for growing crops.
Our products help restore soil fertility and solve dehumidification problems.
They also improve feed conversion, the quality of meat, dairy products, eggs and fish products. They enable farmers to achieve excellent performance in animal and fish farming without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones.
This is important for the sustainability of ecosystems, the improvement of breeding and the health and quality of life of people.

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A Little About Us

We established the Humic Welt store in 2020 to serve the needs of organic farming in the European Union. Since then, our Humic Welt store has grown with a growing distribution that serves the needs of organic farming.

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We will be happy to take care of your needs.

Voskovcova 1075/51, 152 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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